DNC Plumbing AES/Septic System Installation

DNC Plumbing - Your local Plumbing & AES Specialist

DNC Plumbing Pty Ltd is Far North Queensland’s certified AES & septic specialists.
We quote, supply & install throughout the Cairns, Tablelands, remote north QLD, Torres Straits & Cassowary Coast regions.

Advanced Enviro-septic is our preferred wastewater treatment method which uses less energy, has long term cost advantages & requires no ongoing maintenance which makes it a great solution for your domestic & commercial needs. The AES system is an innovative advanced secondary waste water treatment plant that has revolutionised the way waste water is treated in a safe reliable manner & is also cutting edge for their environmental sustainability.

AES system benefits include:
• Fully customisable options
• No power
• No Servicing
• No Pumps, Grease-trap or Blowers
• Only 1x Poly septic-tank required
• No smelly water sprayed above ground
• No Breakdowns
• No long term lock in contracts
• 20 year manufacturers warrant for all components

DNC Plumbing can offer you expertise & knowledge for all your AES & septic system needs. We provide a wide range of septic system & waste services for the local Cairns, northern beaches, Tablelands, Cassowary Coast, Rural & remote communities, and the Torres Straits.

PHOTO : Installation of an AES system for local builder in Edmonton, QLD 4869

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